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Buffalo Confidence

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First it was Baylor. Then Kansas. Their "We ain't afraid of Texas; we can win this game" smack talking didn't do them a lot of good.

Now, Colorado is jumping in the fray. In today's Denver Post, cornerback Lo-renzo [sic] Sims says, "They're beatable. I think every team is beatable."

(P.S. This does not include, for the record, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Who are not beatable.)

Just in case the A&M scare and the not-so-pleasant memories of our last Big 12 championship matchup weren't enough to motivate the Horns, Sims has decided that poking the giant is a good idea. Again, we urge Mr. Sims to ask Coach Mangino how that worked out for him and his team.

We'll have full coverage of the upcoming Big 12 championship game, as well as a painful look back at the 2001 debacle all this week at BON.