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BON Top 25

  1. Reggie Bush (DNP)
  2. Texas (We put Texas ahead of USC for blowing out weaker teams. Sorry, Horns)
  3.  Penn State (Again, we want a Big 10 champ game. PSU-OSU rematch would be great)
  4.  Virginia Tech (Only one bad game. Of course, only played one good team)
  5.  LSU (Will lose in SEC champ game)
  6.  Ohio State (Only 2 losses to #2 and #3)
  7.  Oregon (Weaker schedule holding them back)
  8.  Auburn (This team is peaking)
  9.  Notre Dame (Lucky biatches)
  10.  Miami (The offense is not consistent)
  11.  West Virginia (Will get their chance to shine in BCS game)
  12.  Georgia (It all ended when Shockley missed a couple weeks)
  13.  TCU (One last time: SMU?)
  14.  UCLA (Blowout loss to Arizona is why we're hating)
  15.  Louisville (Never really got it together consistently)
  16.  Alabama (Poor, poor Prothro)
  17.  Florida (Finally. FSU sucks, though)
  18.  Texas Tech (Pokie loss was devastating)
  19.  Wisconsin (Big 10 may be the best conference top to bottom)
  20.  Boston College (Yawn)
  21.  Michigan (Another mediocre year)
  22.  Fresno State (Nevada? Ouch)
  23.  Clemson (ACC is strong once again)
  24.  Northwestern (More Big 10 love)
  25.  South Carolina (If Spurrier can recruit like he can coach, look out)