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Kipe's Quotes

From today's chat with NFL draft guru Mel Kiper, Jr.

JERRY (AUSTIN): How do you think David Thomas of Texas will do in the NFL? I know he is undersized but he has very good hands.

Mel Kiper: I like him. I like him as an H-back or move TE. He's is just outstanding, he's 6'3 235 and he's been the primary target for Vince Young the past few years. I think he's a very good third to fifth rounder ... but I'd guess more third to fourth.

JOE (philadelphia): Mel do you think Vince Young is good enough to make a big impact on the NFL like Mack Brown said he could when he said hall of fame someday?

Mel Kiper: I don't know about the Hall, but I know Vince Young will be a very highly rated NFL prospect. He's about 6'5 he's got a nice arm, he's got a bit of an unorthodox delivery and his passing skills are therefor always in question, but he's pretty accurate and his completion rate is good. THis year he improved his decision making, but he'll still run a little hot and cold, at times. His running skills are the best I've seen at the college level since Michael Vick. He does a phenomenal job of biding time, avoiding and escaping and frustrating DTs. He's fast, elusive and strong. All this said, I think another year at Texas to keep improving as a passer would do him good. We know he has the size and the runnings skills, but we wonder if he is a good enough pure passer to make it in the NFL. Now, if he did come out this year, he'd be in the Top 5 or 10 ... and if it was next year, he could be battling Brady Quinn for the top overall spot.