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Horns to unveil new hoops jerseys

Andy Katz is reporting on his blog that Nike is going to roll out special black and burnt orange jerseys for the hoops team's December 10th matchup against Duke. Writes Katz:

If you liked Duke's black jerseys Wednesday night then you'll love Texas' on Dec. 10. Nike is providing the Longhorns with a special black/burnt orange edition for the 100-year anniversary of the sport at the school. Texas is the road team so if Duke and Texas show up with their black uniforms then Duke would have to change (that's according to Texas' crew that the home team has to wear something different than the road team).

I've yet to find a picture of these jerseys, but I'll be in New Jersey to see them myself. I can't wait for this showdown. For some time now I've imagined that heckling J.J. Reddick in person is one of life's simple, but great, joys.