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Rick, We Love You Baby

Ok, the pouting over Duke game is officially over.

We lost to the #1 team in the country. We're still in the Top 10. People still consider us a Final Four team for a reason. Get over the loss.

We don't want to be quoted as THAT team, the one that pouts and overreacts over every single loss. We're not crazy fans who want to murder a coach over one game.

Rick is a great coach. He obviously already knows everything we're saying and they're working on it, trust me.

Now let's get ready for the next game against Tennessee on Saturday. Those of you in Austin still need to come out and support the team.

We're Texas, remember that. If we do what we need to do, we'll get another shot at Duke in the tournament, and we'll be ready the second time around.

The first 10 minutes last Saturday proved we are as good as Duke, and we got within six points early in the second half.

Would you take Texas in the national title game only down six early in the second half? I sure as hell would.

Now let's remember how far the program has come and where it still is.

Hook em Horns.