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R.I.P.Black Jerseys

This has not gotten enough discussion on the main board so I want to bring it back.

My hatred for the Texas black jerseys is growing. I want an announcement that we won't have to see these again. Some people are even amazingly praising them for being "fresh" or "edgy" or "appealing to the youth."

Look, if the Horns were my team in an EA Sports video game, I'd wear black every once in a while to mix it up. Everyone would. Why not?

But the thing is, in real life people care about things like tradition. It's part of brand recognition. You don't want to cheapen your brand by not using the color everyone knows you as. You're always expanding your reach.

Why stop with people who already know us? We were just ranked #2 in the nation in the two main sports at the same time. Right now kids in high schools on the East Coast and West Coast, plus all the smart kids already in Texas, are considering coming to college at Texas. The school gets smarter kids when the teams are ranked high, and during these highly watched games we want to show our brand, our color: BURNT ORANGE

The McDonald's Arches argument in the diaries is dead on. You don't make them the black arches. They're the Golden Arches (TM). Why not just make Texas jerseys every color of the rainbow and pick a new one every game? What, now you don't think variety sells as well as tradition?  I didn't think so.

Can you imagine Penn State changing to red and white? Sure they'd sell more stuff. I hear half the gangsters like red better than blue, or whatever thinly-veiled ractist comment people are implying when they say the youth like black jerseys.

Who exactly are these recruits that like the color black? Blacks right? I like black, too. I even have black sheets. But I'm white, so what gives? It's ignorant to use this as an argument. Kids coming to Texas aren't coming for the jersey color. They'd wear pink polka if we told them to, and that doesn't just apply to the youth today. Never in the history of Texas sports have we had a stellar athlete who would have turned down Texas and a shot at going professional in their sport because they didn't like our colors.

Texas, please burn those hideous black jerseys never to be seen again and stick with what we have had forever. Those colors are beloved by Texas fans everywhere. Please do not change them for a quick buck.