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More USC Propoganda

We've introduced you to BFJ and TrojanWire here at Burnt Orange Nation, and we promise to keep you up to speed on all the other USC sites out there as we scout the enemy for the big game. Today we came across Inside USC, a slickly produced website by these two, "Alexis" and "Nathan," who are both on the fast-track to big television careers:

Alexis Jones aspires to be Sunday Night Football's next Token Sideline Girl.

Nathan Gotsch studied film at USC to jumpstart his career as Alexis's cameraman.

Hey, just because their blog reads more like a We Wish We Were L.A. Celebrities blog than a sports blog doesn't mean that we're much better at Burnt Orange Nation...

The Burnt Orange Nation triumverate poses for a photo shoot after their near-miss pick of a Texas victory over Duke on Saturday.