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Update: The One That Got Away

No sooner had we posted our little rib at Inside USC when we discovered that their principle author, Alexis Jones, is a transplanted Texan... from Austin!

Why she would leave beautiful Austin and the University of Texas to attend the University of Spoiled Children is beyond us. It looks like she hasn't lost her head in LA yet, though. When SWOOP magazine interviewed her and asked her why she missed Texas, her answer was spot-on. "I miss all the intangibles, like the humility and the humbleness of the people. People are very real in Austin, you don?t get as much of that in LA. But mostly, I miss my family? then of course I miss the Texas boys, they?re such gentleman."

Which just makes us want to remind Alexis: it's not like Austin and UT are the worst place to get your acting career started.