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Is Texas in the Rose Bowl?

Is it me, or did Texas lose its spot in the Rose Bowl? I was certain, at least for a while, that we were in the game. But lately, I'm not so sure. Little did I know, but USC isn't playing our beloved Longhorns in the Rose Bowl. They're playing the Houston Texans. Or the 2000 Miami Hurricanes. Or the cast and crew from Necessary Roughness.

I've got a suggestion for all the mainstream media writers out there who can't think of anything else to write about. Forget the Indianapolis Colts. Just write about Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart versus the 1972 Dolphins. It's not like USC's got an actual opponent in the Rose Bowl.

Could the USC Trojans beat the '72 Dolphins? Could they beat God, Jesus, and a team of 26 angels?