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T.J. Ford to the rescue?

Following the Horns' embarrassing 800 point loss to Duke last Saturday, Rick Barnes got a call from the player that put UT hoops on the map, T.J. Ford. The lightning quick point guard reportedly told Barnes to put Daniel Gibson on the phone and a 20 minute conversation ensued.

This is as welcome a news story as I've seen all week, frankly. I don't care if Texas played and lost to Duke 10 times out of 10. They shouldn't have lost by double-digits in any game, let alone by the horrific margin of Saturday's massacre.

I think Rick Barnes does a lot of things well, and one of his strengths is making adjustments after losses. There's no room for that in March, though, so it's imperative that he gets the Longhorns peaking before more adjustments are needed. The Horns return to action on Saturday with a game against Tennessee. We'll have a full preview of the game soon.

Oh, and F Duke.