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How do you spell shady?


SI's Stewart Mandel details the story of Arkansas hiring the high school coach of Mitch Mustain, the #1 high school QB in the country who is wavering on his committment to the Hogs.

The headline of the story is "Coincidental or calculated?"

I think we know the answer to that one.

Here's some advice for Mitch: Get out while you still can. Other than Bill Clinton and Wal-Mart, what else is there to say about Arkansas? If those are the two accomplishments you state hangs its hat on, you've got problems.

I know our favorite passtime right now is dogging on USC (and we'll keep doing that until the Big Game), there's always time to make fun of our more traditional rivals.

If any of our readers have ever been to Hogland, feel free to share with us some of your stories.