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We're paying attention

Today has not been a particularly good day for Texas sports. The game's not over, but Tennessee is giving it to the basketball team. (Keep in mind Buckman and Gibson are out, but still ...)

And obviously everyone's hearing stuff now about the police investigation of two football players.

Here's what you can expect to read here at BON: what we really think. We've all got degrees from UT so we always hope for the best when Texas teams play or when potential scandals come up.

That being said, we also don't work for the university and we don't have any reason to sugar coat what we really think. I'd like to think some of you come here because of those those reasons.

As more news becomes public, you're going to read what we think, and I guarantee it won't be spin. That's what the official sites are for. We also won't limit discussion or lock anyone out, as long as you act like an adult and don't spread misinformation.

But until more info comes out, which is what the "real" reporters are working on getting now, don't expect to come on here and get a snap reaction from us about something we can't possibly know the truth about yet.

I am sure our coaches and administrators are just as concerned with things as the fans of UT are, and they won't do anything to embarrass the university.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging.