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Tennessee (A Lot) Texas (Not Nearly As Many)

Another Saturday, another embarrassing loss on national television. The Tennessee Volunteers came in to Austin and trounced the Horns, using a motion offense that confused and broke down the lazy Texas defenders.

We could make excuses about no Brad Buckman, or Daniel Gibson's injury early in the first half, but that's not why we lost today. The Horns were outcoached and outplayed far beyond one or two missing players.

Rick Barnes had better do something to turn this team around, because right now it's a bunch of talented athletes with no cohesion. Lamarcus Aldridge had five field goal attempts with less than five minutes to play in the game. How do you even explain that? You certainly can't explain that away by injuries to key players. It's bad coaching and bad execution by the players.

Once again, it was turnovers galore on offense, with lousy passing and tentative movement. The defense was lazy and undisciplined. Frankly, this is the worst a Rick Barnes team has looked since his arrival at UT. He's certainly done an admirable job assembling the talent, but so far, it's his worst team to date. Time to turn it around, Rick.

Beyond disappointed,