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Season Recap: Texas Tech

ESPN GameDay wasted their time trying to hype this one up as a big matchup. It was a mismatch, and we called it before the game.

Texas 52  Texas Tech 17

Texas Tech outgained the Longhorns in total yards, had 29 first downs to Texas' 21, owned the time of possession 36:01 to 23:59 and passed for 369 yards. They also lost, 52-17.

Texas did what great teams do, smothering inferior competition in every way that mattered, dominating with big plays and an overall deflating defense. It was just another sign that this year's Texas team is special and a notch above previous years' Longhorn teams.

You can read a recap of the game here or check out the box score here, so we'll just touch on some of the important notes from the game:

*Vice Young threw two interceptions early in the game, but this year's maturation showed itself once again as he rebounded to perform solidly after the two mistakes. Young finished 12-22 for 239 yards and two touchdown passes.

*Billy Pittman has emerged as a legitimate stud. Pittman turned his three catches into 138 yards, including two touchdowns, one for 75 yards.

*ATL whipping boy Selvin Young was quietly effective, gaining 77 yards on 16 carries. He wasn't Jamaal Charles, but he did what was needed of him and found the end zone twice.

*All Points Bulletin: Any university seeking a head coach should put Gene Chizik at the top of their list. Horns fans are just hoping we get a national title out of him before he takes over somewhere. The man is really, really good at what he does. In fact, all our offensive weapons aside, he's the number one reason why I think we're the favorites to win it all.

*Texas Tech coach Mike Leach pulled a Mack. Looking like the old Mack Brown against a top five team, Leach got conservative in the first half, electing to try to draw Texas offsides when his team was driving in Texas territory, instead of going for it on 4th down. Playing not to lose against a team that's better than you is a bad idea. Trust us, we did it for years.

*Texas crushing win, coupled with Virginia Tech's lackluster win over Maryland should move the Horns even more comfortably into the #2 spot in the polls and BCS standings. Only a Texas stumble can derail the Horns train to Pasadena at this point.