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Rooting for/against USC

A recent post by PB inspired a debate in the comments on whether the BON was rooting for USC this season and what that did or did not mean.

Let me speak for myself here: it was me, TR, who rooted against USC.

I don't know if anyone was trying to start a bigger controversy there, but here's why I did:

1. Years and years of practice of rooting for the teams ahead of you to lose. This rule usually applies to every single college football fan. Polls are weird. You never know. And good things happen when you win and teams ahead of you lose.

2. David vs. Goliath. Of course USC is the best team. They have been for three years. Other than USC fans, everyone roots for them to lose. Plus, there's inevitable backlash a dynasty experiences.

3. Fear. My wish is for UT to finish the season as the national champion, and I thought then and I still do that UT is more likely to win the national championship playing anyone but USC.

Now that the Rose Bowl is set for Texas-USC, I'm happy because my team is there and if we win it's a bigger win than if we beat Penn State or someone else. I can't wait to watch on Jan. 4. But anyone (including people here at BON) who says they think Texas has a better shot to beat USC than someone else is lying. There's a reason the Trojans haven't lost in three years.

Still, don't take this level of respect to mean I think UT is going to get beat. I think UT has the best shot to beat USC of anyone in the last three years. And in the end, the game will be played on the field, so it doesn't really matter what I think since last I checked my name wasn't on the roster.

Now that the game is here, I am in full trash talk mode. When I say USC sucks, I say it the same way I say OU sucks every year no matter either team's record. Fans say the other team sucks, and we're all fans here. I don't want any USC fans rooting for Texas, either. Root for yourself and bring it on gameday.