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Burnt Orange Nation, listen carefully and act quickly. We've got 2 tickets to the Rose Bowl and someone's going to win them... for less than $20.00...

We thought it only appropriate that a contest to win two Texas tickets would be a nice game of Texas Hold 'Em.

Winning the tickets is simple.

1)    Go to
2)    Download the poker software
3)    Deposit at least $20.00
4)    Return to
5)    Fill in the form on the web page with your account username
6)    Wait for email instructions

You should act quickly, as space is limited. Only the first 250 to sign up will be allowed to participate in the tournament.

Here's how it works. There will be qualifying poker tournaments of 50 players on Tuesday night, December 27th. Since we are capping the number of players at 250, there will be a maximum of 5 qualifying tournaments.

In each of the 5 qualifying tournaments, those that place in the Top 10 will automatically qualify for the Final Tournament on Wednesday evening, December 28th. Each qualifying tournament also acts like a regular cash tournament. The top few spots in each qualifying tournament will win the cash from the tournament, along with a seat at the Final Tournament on Wednesday. The remaining players in the top 10 of the qualifying tournaments will receive a seat at the Final Tournament on Wednesday night.

The Wednesday Final Tournament will have a $5.00 entry fee--the minimum the poker room requires. The winner of the Wednesday evening tournament wins the two field-level Rose Bowl seats and $500. Second place wins $200, and third place $100. Fourth through tenth place receive a 500 piece poker set.

That's it. The maximum you'll be spending is $11.00 for the qualifier, and $5.50 for the Final Tournament. The winner is going to get two Rose Bowl tickets for $16.50.

Because space is limited and because we need to be able to mail these tickets out quickly, everything is moving fast. Sign up now for the chance to win cash or two tickets to the Rose Bowl.

Good luck to everyone and Hook `Em Horns!