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Championship Saturday Showdown: BON Picks Edition

Peter and Travis lead the BON picking and are here with the final picks of the non-bowl season. Peter (21-18 against the spread) holds a slight lead over Travis (20-19). On to the games:

12 p.m.
CUSA Championship @ Orlando / ESPN
Tulsa (pick'em) vs. Central Florida

PB--CF is everyone's mid-major darling, which means, of course, they'll lose. Pick: Tulsa
TR--In a toss up, I pick the team that I'm rooting for, and that's Tulsa. Why? So OU fans have to see another team in their state win a conference championship the same day Texas does. Pick: Tulsa

1 p.m.
Big 12 Championship @ Houston / ABC
Texas (-27) vs. Colorado

PB--Texas heads to the Rose Bowl, 38-13 Pick: Colorado
TR--It's all good as long as Tampa Bay is really playing the Saints and not the Texans this Sunday in Houston, so you know who can't sneak onto the field. Spread's a little high, though. I see Texas 45, Colorado 20. Pick: CU to cover

2:30 p.m.
Army/Navy @ Philly / CBS
Army (+6.5) vs. Navy

PB--Navy controls the game and wins for the sixth straight year. Pick: Navy
TR--Army completes the double play after beating Air Force earlier this season: Pick: Army

4:30 p.m.
Pac 10 Showdown / ABC
UCLA (+21) at USC

PB--USC is way too much for the Bruins, but this line is slightly too high. USC by 17. Pick: UCLA
TR--Damn you Reggie Bush. Why do you have to be so good? Pick: USC

6 p.m.
SEC Championship @ Atlanta / CBS
LSU (-2) vs. Georgia

PB--The Dogs and Shockley get the offense up to speed; defense controls LSU. Pick: Georgia
TR--Probably the best game of the day. Using the same logic as the Tulsa game, maybe my rooting will be the difference. Pick: Georgia

8 p.m.
ACC Championship @ Jacksonville / ABC
Florida State (+14.5) vs. Virginia Tech

PB--I can't tell you how much I hate Virginia Tech. Live in DC for a little while. You'll understand. Still, FSU isn't going to score nearly enough in this one. Pick: Virginia Tech
TR--VaTech can't be that much better than the `Noles, can they? Pick: FSU