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Texas' Place in History

As the 2005 Texas Longhorns continue their march toward a possible national championship, the authors of Burnt Orange Nation have teamed up to find just where this Longhorns team ranks among the greatest college football teams to ever take the field.

Starting Dec. 20, this year's Texas team will match up with the top 11 teams of the last 50 years. Texas will "play" a schedule against these teams, in reverse order of Burnt Orange Nation's rankings. Each day, cast your vote on who would win the matchup. Log onto BON for expert analysis and picks.

The outcome of Burnt Orange Nation's vote on each game will determine where these Texas Longhorns stand historically. Texas' "demanding schedule" will commence with a matchup with the 1991 Washington Huskies, and get increasingly more difficult, culminating with games against the mighty 2001 Miami Hurricanes and the 1995 juggernaut that was the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Would Vince Young and Co. still be able to light up the scoreboard against the stifling defenses that 1955 Oklahoma and 1979 Alabama possessed? And could they win a shootout with the offensively potent 1994 Penn State Nittany Lions? Take a look at the schedule below and click on "vote" to make your pick for each game. Get to it, Burnt Orange Nation!

* Log onto BON to see which team Texas will be facing each day. On Dec. 31, Burnt Orange Nation will reveal "Texas' Place in History" based on its record against the best teams of the last 50 years.

Special thanks to ESPN SportsNation for inspiring us with their similar evaluation of the other team in the 2005 Rose Bowl, the USC Trojans.