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Las Vegas Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl

I refuse to use sponsorship names in bowls.

Tonight we get a bowl double-header. First BYU (6-5) takes on Cal (7-4) in the Las Vegas Bowl at 7 p.m. Central on ESPN.

Later, Colorado State (6-5) takes on Navy (7-4) in the Poinsettia Bowl at 9:30 p.m. Central on ESPN.

Here's some BON science that these crap games deserve which I will use to make my expect predictions:

1. Cal sucks in bowls. Last year they pissed and moaned about Texas in the Rose Bowl and then got whipped by Texas Tech. (Save it Pac 10 people, I know all the arguments.) Therefore, they are a bunch of losers.

2. BYU's players have to be excited to be in Las Vegas. There's got to be at least a trace of booze, despair and cheap stripper perfume in the air somewhere near the stadium. You know they don't get that smell in Utah. Therefore BYU's players will be inspired. Maybe if they win the coach will let them drive down the strip and look at all the pretty lights before they go back to the team hotel and drink some milk.

3. Colorado State use to have Brad Van Pelt and I liked that guy. I saw him run for a TD on his first play in the NFL for the Broncos a few weeks back. Therefore, Colorado State is good.

4. Navy sucks. So do Army and Navy. I support the troops and all, but what stud high school player wants to go to a service academy where he's got to go into the service after college instead of possibly the pros?

Using those theories, here are BON's picks:

BYU 28, Cal 20. (God works in sevens, so no field goals for the Cougars)

Colorado State 24, Navy 10 Why not?