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Lost Longhorn's Thoughts

A few random thoughts as I ease in to my Christmas vacation in... Orange County, California?

Yuck. The USC deep-throating here is even worse than what they've got going on over at ESPN these days, though of course it's more forgivable considering it's their home turf.

The worst news yet? USC is actively courting my Dad for a position on their faculty.

*Two former Horns were selected to the NFL Pro Bowl yesterday. Chicago Bears cornerback Nathan Vasher was selected to the NFC team along with Defensive Tackle Shaun Rogers of the Lions. I actually follow the Lions reasonably closely (Hi Erin), and while Rogers is a strong tackle, this is a little befuddling. Rogers isn't having a great year and has made several critical mistakes that have killed the Lions in close games. He's still an oustanding talent and I'm happy to see him honored. Vasher, meanwhile, is having a banner year. You may remember his 248 yard missed field goal returned for a touchdown about a month ago. I remember it well, as I was in Chicago for the game (Hi Erin) and was just about blown off the street by the 50+ mph gusts of wind. The 49ers NEVER should have kicked that field goal. Unless, of course, they really are trying to lose their games.

*I think Wiggins pretty much nailed it. "Uhh, we may have a problem." The (charitably ranked) #15 Horns hoops team is looking lost these days, and it may get worse before it gets better. The Horns January 2nd road date with Memphis is looking more and more like a sure loss, but when Texas State isn't even a gimme, you know things are bleak. I'm not going to get carried away, though. This team should come together and be competitive in the Big 12, and I know I wouldn't want to play us in March. We're starting to look like one of those underachieving Michigan State teams that struggles early in the year but is every bit as good as the best come March.

*There are an inexplicably large number of seats remaining in the Burnt Orange Nation poker tournament for 2 field level Rose Bowl tickets.  As many people as there are without tickets (many of whom are going to Pasadena anyway), we're surprised. Someone's going to get very lucky. If you haven't signed up yet, it's quite the opportunity. I have the tickets in my hand; why not take a shot to win them?

*The local television affiliate covering USC sports ran a good story on USC's ridiculous turnover margin. In fact, we see this as THE key to the game. Last year the Trojans managed five turnovers off of the Sooners. Texas defense, while strong, hasn't been terrific in takeaways, so the offense must take care of the ball.

*Let's hope they get The Jinx.