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HP Comes Out of the Trojan Closet

The jury is no longer "out" on Heisman Pundit. We are officially pronouncing judgment, and doing so decisively. The dude loves USC. He was (reasonably) careful about being unbiased during the Heisman race, but now that that's over, he's creeping out of his analytical box and into his Trojan sweater.

Don't believe me? Today he tried to justify ESPN's premature crowning of USC the greatest team ever:

The talk is heating up about USC and whether it deserves the moniker of 'greatest team ever.' Some writers are saying that we should wait until after the Rose Bowl until making that statement. But then, what ever happened to going out on a limb? If USC beats Texas, then even the bums on LA's skid row will be able to figure out that the Trojans were among the best ever. The reason experts get paid good money is to clue us in on these things before they actually happen.

Puh-lease. Crowning USC as best ever isn't the same as prognosticating about the winner of the Rose Bowl. This is a blatant assumption of USC as winner of the Rose Bowl. It's as though the game need not be played. Furthermore, this is not a "writer going out on a limb." This is a network practicing biased, lazy journalism. Okay, it's not even journalism. It's pure hype. It's lazy and stupid and premature.

There are a million things ESPN could do to highlight how good USC has been. But doing "best ever" features before they are the best this season is really bad.

Thank you House That Rock Built for this cartoon.

HP has an admirable wealth of knowledge about the Heisman trophy, how people tend to vote, and so on. He provides his analysis relatively bias-free, and does a good job. So we're not here to trash his work.

But with that said, the guy has a huuuge man-crush on the Trojans and it's pretty obvious. Justifying ESPN, whose Trojan ass licking is rivaled only by the Boi From Troy, is the nail in the coffin. It's indefensible.