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Alamo Bowl Disaster

I went to the Alamo Bowl last night in San Antonio.  I absolutely hate it when fans blame losses on officiating in any sport, but last night Michigan got completely screwed. The Sun Belt officials looked lost for the entire game, especially when it came to instant replay. They missed an obvious Nebraska fumble in the first quarter. Nebraska kept the ball and scored a touchdown. Later, Michigan was forced to call timeout to get a review of a Nebraska touchdown pass that bounced. In the fourth quarter, Michigan quarterback Chad Henne "fumbled" the ball setting up the game winning touchdown. And lastly, the final play was an absolute joke.  The entire Cornhusker team was on the field celebrating before the play was over.  

But don't get me wrong, Michigan lost.  They had two huge second half turnovers, gave up a long punt return in the fourth quarter, couldn't stop the run, and didn't convert turnovers into touchdowns. Even with all those self inflicted wounds, Michigan still should have won the game with even a fair shake from the officials.  

Lesson: Like the Texas and USC game, these teams were fairly equal in talent.  The team that ran the ball effectively and converted turnovers into touchdowns won.  If Texas is able to control their turnovers, run the ball consistently, and control the running game of the Trojans, then we will win.  

Other Observations:

  1. Nebraska had the highest percentage of adult fans in team jerseys of any team I have ever seen.  I have long said that jerseys should only be made in youth sizes.  This will eliminate adults from confusing being an actual part of the team with being an observer simply cheering from the stands. Never in the history of college football has a coach called a fan out of the stands to participate in the actual game. Wear your team colors not your team numbers. Jerseys are for kids.  
  2. This goes with the first one, but the Cornhuskers might have the worst dressed fans ever. If I owned a digital camera, I would be uploaded pics right now. Overalls, while functional for farming, are not fashion statements.  Corn should never be worn on one's head. And there is no such thing as a good looking red cowboy hat.  
Any other thoughts on the Alamo Bowl?