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Rose Bowl Diary

A thought occurred to me today as I was mentally preparing myself for this big game. If Texas wins, a lot of pundits around the county are going to have to do some serious revisions to their analysis--not only of this season, but of all this "greatest ever" nonsense.

For one thing, you automatically have to pit the 2005 Texas Longhorns up there as one of the greatest of all time.

Then, and this is what really got me thinking, it will be time to start evaluating Vince Young... as perhaps the greatest collegiate quarterback of all time.


With Oklahoma's victory over Oregon last night, the Big 12 improved to 3-1 in bowl game play. Considering that Colorado didn't have a coach or a quarterback, they didn't fare badly against Clemson at all. I'll be watching closely to see how the remaining Big 12 teams fare. If Texas Tech beats Alabama, it will be time to hush the Big 12 critics once and for all.

And then there's that Rose Bowl....