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Prairie View A&M Tonight

This is late, but the Texas men's basketball team takes the floor again tonight at 7 PM at home against Prairie View A&M. Barnes stated he may start AJ Abrams again for an injured Kenton Paulino. Mike Williams is also still out. Brad Buckman is expected to play and start. PV is 3-6. UT is 9-2.

This one should be no contest. However, it will be interesting to see how well Texas protects the basketball after recent turnover fests. Also, watch if the guards are able to get Lamarcus Aldridge involved in the offense in the half-court or if he only gets touches after he secures offensive rebounds.

Texas hasn't played since last Thursday against Texas State. After tonight's game, the Horns have a tough four game stretch: @ #4 Memphis on January 2nd at 1:30 PM on ESPN, at home vs. Colorado on January 7th, at Iowa State on January 9th on ESPN, and finally a visit from #3 Villanova on January 14th. We will find out a lot about this year's team in the next two weeks.