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Burnt Orange Nation Top 25

  1.  Reggie Bush (It's not Matt Leinart that's giving me nightmares)
  2.  Texas (70 points? We weren't even trying to run up the score)
  3.  Penn State (JoePa vs BoBo in the Grandpa Bowl)
  4.  Ohio State (Best 2-loss team ever? We'll find out)
  5.  Oregon (I smell a Cal-style Holliday Bowl let down)
  6.  Auburn (Big charge came too late. Maybe SEC's best team)
  7.  Georgia (Should handle WVU)
  8.  Notre Dame (Very intriguing matchup with Ohio State)
  9.  Miami (ACC had a weird year)
  10.  LSU (You didn't think Les Miles would make the BCS, did you?)
  11.  Virginia Tech (Finally, we can safely say they aren't overrated)
  12.  West Virginia (Strong season nets Sugar Bowl date with UGA)
  13.  TCU (Not a great year for the mid-majors)
  14.  Louisville (Exciting matchup with Va Tech)
  15.  Alabama (Strong D will get tough test with TX Tech)
  16.  Florida (Enigmatic team; will bowl with Iowa)
  17.  Texas Tech (Looking for another bowl shocker)
  18.  Wisconsin (We're not believers)
  19.  UCLA (Nowhere near USC in talent)
  20.  Boston College (Will head to Boise and the blue turf bowl)
  21.  Michigan (Michigan-Nebraska used to be an exciting matchup)
  22.  Clemson (Should handle Colorado just fine)
  23.  Northwestern (Exciting game with UCLA in Sun Bowl)
  24.  South Carolina (Missouri's going to get whomped)
  25.  Oklahoma (vs Oregon in Holliday Bowl will measure their development)