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The Devil's Lair

This is obviously your hub for all the news on the Good Guys, but what about the enemy? We'll save you the trouble of Googling for all the USC news and provide you with a list of all the USC commentary that's available out there.

1) Student Body Right
Not much original analysis, but they do a good job of linking to USC-relevant stuff. We consider them friendly rivals. A good site. (FYI: They've developed what is, by far, the best fantasy college football game we've ever come across. Check it out.)

2) Boi From Troy
90% of the commentary pertains to homosexual politics, but he's also a die hard Trojan fan. It's not particularly recommended if you're looking for good insight into sports, but it's fun if you want to read the ultimate partisan perspective. We haven't checked recently, but the smart money says Fresno State is still in BFJ's Top 10.

3) The Crazy Trojan

A relatively new blog, updated about once a day. Not the deepest well of information, but the posts are usually pretty informative.

4) USC Page

A subscription based site that's great for recruiting news and lots of links, but not particularly recommended for this audience.

5) USC Page

Links to all USC-related stories from probably the most comprehensive college football blog around.

6) Official USC Trojans Athletics Site

The Hollywood of USC Trojan Football News. Good site, if you're into that kind of thing.

7) Los Angeles Times' USC Football Page

In case you need a mainstream media perspective of things. (Warning: This paper keeps Bill Plaschke on its payroll.)

If you know of other USC sites you want to share with us, feel free to add them in the comment section.