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Who will they pick?

Gambling sites seem to have everything covered these days, so it makes me wonder: is there a line out there on which team Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit are going to pick in the title game? I'll do Vegas a favor and lay it out there for you:

Herbstreit USC  -300
Herbstreit Texas +275

Kirkey loves to smile and make the safe pick.

Kirk has made a nice little career out of being safe enough with what he says that no one really scrutinizes anything he says. If you avoid controversial statements, you can avoid being booed off the set. If Gameday comes to your town, prepare for Herbie to pick your team. It's almost as sure a thing as death and taxes.

Corso USC +150
Corso Texas -160

We fully expect to see Lee Corso dressed as Bevo.

Corso, on the other hand, likes to mix it up more. While he's somewhat addicted to donning the mascot head of whatever team's university he's visiting, he'll also make the unpopular pick. He's just senile enough that people blame his wackier picks on him forgetting to take his meds, and he isn't afraid to get booed from time to time. The smart money says he'll be running around Pasadena with a Bevo head on, hooked horns waving wildly in the air. Frankly, I'm looking forward to it.