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BFJ wants to pick ANOTHER fight?

Our season-long battle with BFJ had been on a bit of a hiatus recently, but he's fired a shot our way and we're not going to just lay back and take it...

Yesterday, in introducing our readers to the various USC blogs out there for reading, we had this to say about BFJ's site:

90% of the commentary pertains to homosexual politics, but he's also a die hard Trojan fan. It's not particularly recommended if you're looking for good insight into sports, but it's fun if you want to read the ultimate partisan perspective. We haven't checked recently, but the smart money says Fresno State is still in BFJ's Top 10.

That touched a nerve with our SoCal friend, which prompted this invective-filled response:

Actually, in the last week, my Sports-to-Gay ratio was 11:3 (including those which crossed-over which were counted twice)...What's clear from all of this is that for the Texas folks, facts don't matter...bluster does. (That may explain George Bush and the buildup to the Iraq war -ed.)

Anyhows, the point of writing all of this was to say that if you're so bigoted that you can't see past my sexual orientation to read the what I have to say (and apparently 76% of Texans may be)...or so closeted that you can't admit to being distracted by pictures of Matt Leinart or Brian Cushing...then just read my USC Trojans feed...but watch out for all the `mos when you come out for the Rose Bowl. They say the only things that leave Texas are Steers and Queers and your Longhorns sure seemed eager to come back to L.A.!

First of all, it's difficult to see how we were gay-bashing when we make a simple observation about the ratio of Content A to Content B. There's no judging of anybody's sexual preference, and nothing negative said about covering gay politics. We only note that, if you're looking for good sports insight, we don't think BFJ is the place to go.

BFJ notes that in the last week he's had an 11:3 ratio of sports:gay stories in his blog. He can't fool us with small sample statistical trickery. How about an entire month? We checked his blog for the month of October, and the numbers tell a different story.

In October, his ratio of sports:gay stories was a far less impressive 11:28. And sorry, BFJ, a post where you show a picture of the Heisman trophy and say, "Leave it to me to notice that the Heisman trophy guy has a nice ass!" is NOT a sports story. Worse, four of the eleven sports stories are his blog poll "ballots." You know, those things where BFJ hypes up all the USC opponents and ranks Texas somewhere between Georgia Tech and El Salvador.

All we pointed out was that there isn't a lot of insightful sports analysis on there, and what little there is gets lost amongst stories of a different topic. You can accuse us of gay bashing until the cows come home, but like you love to say about George Bush: Just because you say it, don't make it true.