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Numerology 101: Texas

A quick statistical review of the Horns 2005 season matches what you'd expect to find based on what we saw with our eyes. It's terribly fun to peruse these numbers, so we'll share some of our favorite findings from the wealth of data. As Rasheed says, "The ball don't lie!" Well, we say, "The numbers don't lie!"

Below you'll find Texas statistics for each of the major statistical team categories, with conference and national ranking in parentheses.

Rushing Offense 274 yards per game (1st conference, 3rd nationally)
Passing Offense 235 ypg (3rd / 41st)
Passing Efficiency 164.97 (1st / 2nd)
Total Offense 508 ypg (2nd / 3rd)
Scoring Offense 50.9 points per game (1st / 1st)
Rushing Defense74 ypg (6th / 30th)
Pass Efficiency Defense 91.34 passer rating (1st / 2nd)
Pass Defense 156 ypg (1st / 5th)
Total Defense 280 ypg (1st / 6th)
Scoring Defense 14.6 ppg (1st / 4th)
Punt Returns 15.9 ypr (1st / 6th)
Kickoff Returns 26.9 ypr (1st / 3rd)
Turnover Margin .50 (3rd / 33rd)

We'll give you the same (equally impressive) list for USC next, but here's the key stat from their list that you need to know: USC Turnover Margin: 1.83 (1st nationally). The Horns MUST take care of the ball.