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All out blitz

Here's my early take on the looming "GREATEST GAME EVER."

Evaluations of USC's defense range from it being not as good as the Trojans' offense (an understatement I know) to being awful. I'm fine with splitting the difference. That puts them about as good as any other defense Texas played this season other than Ohio State, so I think it's fair to expect Texas to do its thing and score between 35-40 points. Gangster-style, of course.

This means for Texas to win its No. 1 ranked defense has to stop (or at least slow down) USC's offense. Can it be done? We'll see. No one has done so in three years, and even USC's close calls this season (ND, Fresno) were games where USC still pretty much scored at will.

Not that Gene Chizik needs any help, but here is how I would to about attacking USC, and what I think is Texas best (only?) chance at victory.

Blitz. Blitz again. Think about the next play, and then blitz even more. No matter what happens, keep blitzing.

Though I am well aware blitzing Matt Leinart might be as smart as staring into the sun, I'd still rather take my chances that Texas' secondary will hold up enough to keep the Trojans in the 30s. Maybe Leinart takes a tough hit. Maybe he fumbles. Maybe he gets forced into a bad pass that Texas can turn into a defensive score. Of course plenty of bad things can happen when blitzing a Heisman-winning quarterback, but I think Texas must be aggressive and dictate the pace of the game.

Ideally, blitzing all the time would take Reggie Bush out of the game somewhat. Screen passes and draws could be problems, but at least Bush wouldn't have all day to pick his holes. I'm afraid if Texas plays a reactionary defense USC might score every time it has the ball.

Even if Leinart throws for 400 yards, that's better than Bush rushing for 250 in the first half like he did against UCLA. If you let Bush beat you, he will. Leinart is also capable of doing so, but I like my chances better with him having to avoid the Texas rush (and tough hits) than praying Texas' linebackers grab a hold of Bush's shoelaces as he blazes by.

USC experts, please tell me where I'm wrong. You guys know you're team better than I do.