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The Texas Trojans Take On The NFL

The idea for this series was conceived by Adam Sahyouni, better known in these parts as "AdamDC." He came up with the idea and picked the team. We loved the idea so much that we asked to put it on the main page and wrote the first game summary. We'll try to do one game a day as we march through the season we wish we could all see...

It's time for Burnt Orange Nation to unveil it's inaugural All Badass Team, featuring the nation's best players and units in an All-Star team fit for the pros. And we mean that--literally. We're going to pit our all stars against the NFL in a week-by-week march through the regular season. To accommodate our all stars, we'll need to contract a team from the NFL. Good bye, Houston Texans. And here we go...

First the team: The Texas Trojans (fight song: "Trojan Man" conducted by USCLink)

Head Coach: Pete Carroll

Coordinator: Norm Chow
QB: Vince Young, Texas (Sick abilities and best QB rating)
RB: Reggie Bush, USC (Stud)
WR: Santonio Holmes, Ohio State (46th in receiving but still a great player, blazing fast)
WR: Jeff Samardzija, Notre Dame (Ideal college receiver)
WR: Greg Jennings, Western Michigan (Gotta have the small school representative)
TE: Marcedes Lewis, UCLA (Sorry David, Leonard)
O-Line: USC (Toss up between them and Texas)

Punter: Who cares? Pete Carroll doesn't punt.
Kicker: Mason Crosby, Colorado(Only sophomore on the team)

Return Team: Texas, with Maurice Drew as the return man

Coordinator: Gene Chizik
Defensive Line: Miami
Linebackers: The Ohio State University
Defensive Backs: Texas

Week 1
Texas Trojans at Buffalo Bills
Ralph Wilson Stadium; Orchard Park, NY
12:00 p.m. (CBS)

(AP) Buffalo, NY--The highly anticipated debut of the Texas Trojans took the field on Sunday in a matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Their arrival on the NFL scene was not without controversy as expert after expert predicted their quick and timely death as they entered the pro circuit.

John Madden said that while he admired the way that the USC offensive line ate 12.5 pounds of linguine before games, he thought they'd have too much trouble with pro defenders.

The game itself matched the anticipation. The Texan Trojans returned the opening kick to the Bills' 40 yard line and got on the board early with a 61 yard Mason Crosby field goal. The Bills immediately countered with a touchdown drive that featured seven straight Willis McGahee runs to give the Bills the early 7-3 lead.

But that's when everything changed. The Texas Trojans scored touchdowns on their next three possessions running a college style option between Vince Young and Reggie Bush. The two totaled 216 yards rushing in the three drives.

On the other side, rookie quarterback J.P. Losman made two critical errors, getting sacked for a 15 yard loss and throwing an ill-advised interception late in the half. The Texas Trojans took a 24-10 halftime lead and never looked back. The Bills used McGahee extensively in the second half to make a comeback, but the first half deficit was too much to overcome.

The Texas Trojans (1-0) beat the Buffalo Bills (0-1) 37-31 in a sparkling debut to the league. Next up for Texas is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Stay tuned.