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BFJ has proposed a truce! Sort of. BFJ, one of the 2005 nominees for Best LGBT Blog, proposes the following:

Now, because it would be stupid to have this go on for the next month, I will make the same proposal to B.S. Nation as I did to BruinsNation...
1.    Let's stop the name-calling
2.    Let's trade insightful analysis of each of the aspects of the game for each of the teams (like I did with BlueGray Sky for Notre Dame)
3.    Let's do 5-question interviews with each other as we prepare for the game; and,
4.    Let's make a friendly wager on the outcome

We'll take these on, one by one.

  1. Name calling: We kind of like the sound of B.S. Nation, to be perfectly honest. And, unfortunately, we still think BFT's sports "analysis" is a Big F*cking Joke. Nah, we'll stick where we are.
  2. Let's trade insightful analysis of the game. A grand idea, and something we plan to do with TrojanWire, a respectable USC sports site. But sorry, BFJ, in our email exchange you refused to acknowledge Texas was one of the two best teams in the country. That sort of precludes any possibility of "insightful analysis" now doesn't it?
  3. Let's trade interviews. See: #2. Our readers have nothing to learn from you. Sorry.
  4. Let's make a friendly wager on the game. Now this is something we are planning on doing, though not with BFJ. Readers, listen up. We have agreed in principle to make a wager with TrojanWire on the outcome of the game. If Texas wins, their website has to do _______. If USC wins, Burnt Orange Nation has to do ______.
We agreed with TrojanWire that we'd take suggestions from the readers. So now it's up to you. We're now taking proposals for a friendly wager with TrojanWire. Leave your suggestions for what the wager should be in the comment section below. We'll select the best one for the wager. Let's hear them!