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The Case for Vince

Sports Illustrated's asked us to make the case for Vince Young as Heisman Trophy winner. We were happy to do so, especially when they told us BFJ would be taking the other side for Bush. Here's what I wrote on behalf of Vince. You can see both my and BFJ's articles on here.

We're never ones to shy away from our favorite USC rival in the blogosphere, and served this one up for us on a tee. Look, we know that Reggie Bush is probably going to get the hardware on Saturday night, but that doesn't mean he should.

The Heisman Trophy goes to the Most Outstanding college football player, and Mr. Bush is one hell of a football player. In fact, anyone who thinks that Bush is anything short of the greatest college running back in the game today needs to turn in their fan card and find another hobby.

While we admire Reggie for his jukes and gaudy numbers and unrivaled highlights, we scoff at the notion that he's the Most Outstanding football player. After all, he's only running the ball. Vince Young, on the other hand, does it all.

Along with having the No. 1 passer rating in the country (sorry, Leinart), Young adds a running threat that makes him the most lethal pass-run quarterback since... well, maybe ever. He's Michael Vick, but more accurate. And for those who are turned off by Vince's unconventional throwing style -- set it aside. Larry Bird could be one awkward guy out on the court, but there was no debating his talent. It's about results, and Vince produces.

In the end, it comes down to one very simple question: Which is more outstanding, the best running back in the country or the guy who can dash for backbraking 80 yard touchdown runs and bury you with 70 yard touchdown strikes.... in the same game?

You could easily put Young in the backfield, give him 200 carries, and watch him gallop to a Heisman-contending season. As is, we get to see him do it all. There's simply nothing that compares to his overall abilities. Vince: Heisman runner, Heisman passer.

Reggie, you're the man. But you're no Vince Young.