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Up to his old jokes

BFJ thinks he made a better case for Bush than I did for Vince Young over on His argument consists of:

  1. Misrepresenting what I said and
  2. Dogging me for being concise
He's put a little poll up to settle the debate. Read our two articles and cast your vote here.

Of course, he'll probably "win" because it's his site, but go make your presence known. I haven't even said anything yet, and BON was only down 7 votes to 6. That's pretty sad when you're posting the poll on your own site.

Update: Voters have chosen Burnt Orange Nation 31-18 over BFJ so far. If you haven't voted yet, read the two articles and decide who makes the better argument. No matter who you think is more deserving of the Heisman, please consider who makes the best case.