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Quick Hits on a Busy Day at Work

I barely have time to breathe here at work as I try to catch up on the mountain of work that awaited me upon my return from the Rose Bowl. Thus, the slow posting in the last day or two.

Quickly, before I get back at all my "real" work, a few notes on some of the recent discussions:

*Dallas is not a desirable New Year's destination. Period. It's an okay city, but for its size, it's pretty lame. Hardly a treat for college kids. Especially those who are from Texas anyway, and have already likely been there.

*It's been fun poking at the USC "3-peat" nonsense, and let me offer this final thought on the matter. Going for three straight "AP National Titles" isn't the same as winning the BCS anymore. Now that the BCS is around, and everyone participates, winning the AP National Title is a bit like winning the Maxwell Award. It ain't the Heisman.

*From the #2 at TrojanWire, to BFJ getting hammered on the Blog Poll message boards, to InsideUSC having nothing to say or write about, it's been quite pleasing seeing our USC blog rivals have a down week. I think we were all sick of the national USC blowjob, and I can only imagine how intoxicated the USC bloggers must have been after all that. Hell, we even ran BFJ out of the country.  Good riddance, I say.

*The basketball team is positively rolling, and they have a huge matchup on Saturday in Austin against Villanova. Please--PLEASE--Horns fans: go to the game if you are in Austin. This is a critical game for Texas' seeding in March Madness.