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Greg Davis wins Broyles Award

Oft-maligned offensive coordinator Greg Davis got some much deserved recognition for his outstanding work this season as Texas' offensive coordinator, winning the Broyles Award as the nation's top assistant coach.

Davis, who is also UT's quarterbacks coach, orchestrated the offense that scored an NCAA record 652 points in Texas' national championship season.

Texas' defensive coordinator Gene Chizik won the Broyles Award last year at Auburn, and probably could have won it again this year had he not won it so recently. Greg Robinson was great for the Horns defense, but Gene Chizik meant as much to this team as anyone. He brought a swagger and confidence and championship attitude that had been missing at Texas, and I credit him as much as Vince with changing the "culture" at Texas.

In the final analysis, the Texas program is at the top right now, any way you slice it. You can bring up Greg Davis ghosts all you want; it won't change the fact that he put together the offense that allowed Vince to succeed. That's all you can ask for. We brought Mack Brown to Texas with one expectation, and he delivered. Kudos all around.