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Review: Street & Smith's Champions

Thanks to Jay and the fine folks at Street & Smith's for sending BON the 2005 Champions special edition highlighting the Longhorns' championship season.

The 96-page special edition is a bargain at $6.99. I think most of us would buy anything commemorating this season, and there plenty of great pictures to make give this an easy recommendation to buy.

There are recaps of each game from this season, but the photography is what makes this a must-buy.

Many of the plays everyone has been talking about in the recent diary about the top 10 plays are shown. My favorite photo is near the end, a full page shot of Mack Brown holding the crystal BCS trophy. Thinking of the weight that has been lifted off Mack's shoulders once and for all will always bring a smile to my face.

There's not a lot of new information in this, but it's better than the programs you buy at games for sure and it provides bare bones recaps of each game, yearbook-style.

I'd give it an A- overall. If you see it on newsstands in Austin, don't hesitate to pick it up. You can also order it online here, where there are PDF previews of some of the pages. Check it out.