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Q and A with Brad Buckman

Sorry about the slow posting. This comes from ESPN's Pat Forde. He writes a weekly column called Forde Minutes. This week he asked a few questions of Horns' senior forward Brad Buckman.

Swapping e-mail with ...
... Texas forward Brad Buckman (15).
Each week, The Minutes will attempt to ruthlessly interrogate a college basketball player with questions of supreme importance and report the answers back to the readership. Here's what Buckman had to say:

Forde Minutes: Can Vince Young (16) hoop?
Brad Buckman: I hear he can. There is a picture of him in a basketball uniform in the coaches' office, so I am guessing he can.

FM: Does he shoot a basketball better than you throw a football?
BB: Probably worse. I've never seen his shot, but I am sure it's not any better than [how] he throws the football [laughter].

FM: As a native of The Minutes' favorite college town, do you have any restaurant and night life recommendations? (Unless, of course, you've never eaten out or left the library.)
BB: My recommendation would be Eddie V's (17). It's my favorite place, so I go there as much as I can. I usually take my parents there so they can pay for it.

FM: What's the toughest crowd in the Big 12 and why?
BB: Toughest crowd is Oklahoma State (18). That gym is straight up and down, so you feel like you are getting crowded. They are right on top of you and it's always nonstop noise. We had to practice with the horn one time, just to get used to the environment.

FM: What is the surest way to get into Rick Barnes' (19) doghouse and the quickest way to get out?
BB: I got in the doghouse Tuesday night (in the home win against Texas Tech) for shooting the ball too much. The best way to get out is hustle. Make plays that no one else does and play as hard as you can.

FM: How do you get your hands on so many balls, especially off the glass?
BB: I have been around so long, I feel like I know where the ball is going to go after someone shoots it. I like that kind of game. I like getting down low and getting rebounds, because half of my points come off rebounds. I know if I can get a few boards like that, I can score.

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