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Count Me In: Vince Young, NFL Superstar

One of the better general sport blogs out there is Sexy Results, a Virginia blogger who writes about all kinds of great culture and sports-related stuff. If I liked rap music more, I'd read it more regularly, but it's good stuff, regardless.

Anyway, he recently posted an article about a developing theory he's got about NFL quarterbacks. It's an interesting theory, and it got me to thinking about our own Vince Young.

For one thing, if you haven't seen the video highlight reel of Vince Young's UT career, watch it now.  And then watch it again.  And again.  I watched it four times yesterday alone.  Not only is it set to the the perfect soundtrack, but the highlights are just mind-blowing. I was literally at tears by the end of it. Even on the fourth viewing. If it hasn't sunk in that He's Gone yet, it will after you watch these highlights. Oh my God. The Vince Young Era is over.

Of particular amazement are the two Rose Bowl games. Duh, right, but seriously, you need to re-live them for it to really - I mean really - Sink In. I've been crowing recently about how the Texans will take Vince Young with the first pick, and while I may or may not be right about it, watching these highlights makes you wonder why they wouldn't. I've seen the Reggie Bush highlight videos, and man, man are they cool. Vince's are cooler, though.

It's simple. When we argued that the Heisman should go to Vince Young, we argued that he's not only the Reggie Bush-like Heisman runner, but he's also a Heisman-worthy passer. How is that not better than just being a Heisman-worthy runner? If ever there was a case for saving the Heisman for after the Bowl season, this was it. That's water under the bridge, though, and I'm sure VY is happy having the Rose Bowl MVP trophy, anyway.

I bring this up in the context of Sexy Results' article because, if he's right, Vince Young might be the water over the dam. The more and more you watch him the more and more you see a Once In A Generation kind of player. The NFL is such a different game from college football, so there's no guarantee that Vince and his funky throws will actually succeed, but it's hard to doubt him. Well, that's not totally true. He's been doubted over and over, and, uh, well, yeah. Doubting Vince Young is stupid.

I used to think Mack Brown was kind of silly for saying Vince Young would one day be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Not so much because I didn't think it could happen, but because that just seemed a stupid thing to say about someone who's never played an NFL down in his life. But you know what, I'm a believer now, too. I'm done doubting Vince. Michigan fans were through doubting Vince after last year's Rose Bowl. Mark Mangino ate crow and quit doubting Vince. Bob Stoops doesn't doubt Vince any more. If Pete Caroll headed to the NFL, even he might take Vince. Who knows. The bottom line is that he's going to be one bright, bright star. Maybe one of the game's All Time Greats. I believe.