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Wanna read something funny? Check out this puff piece on transfer guard J.D. Lewis. I understand that it's the SID office's job to write this crap, but this one's especially lame.

Some questions I might have had for J.D., had they let me interview him. I think any of them would have added some much needed spice to the article.

-JD, we recently said that you are Brandy Perriman, without the jump shot. I can't think of something nastier to say about a player. Can you?

-What's it like being an awkward small town white guy on a team full of cool black guys?

-Can you tell us what's up with those dumb looking collars Rick Barnes wears? He looks like a member of the clergy. Sort of.

-Have you ever faked an injury so you could come off the court early?

Just a few ideas for the next interview the UT SID office does. If it's Connor Atchley, I hope they are even meaner than I am.