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Has Jordan Shipley's Ship Sailed?

Perusing the comments of one our recent threads, I enjoyed the debate over the most famous UT athlete to never take the field: Jordan Shipley. Eric wondered aloud why the guy was (still) getting hyped and wondered whether he'd ever make a positive contribution to the team. Eric kind of got blasted, but I think it was the right question to ask. I've been hearing for a long time now how good this guy is, but at some point, don't we have to wonder whether the ship has sailed?

This is not the same as saying that he definitely IS done. But it's appropriate to ask whether he might be. You get this all the time in baseball. Prospects get built up as the Next ____, but so many of them never make a significant impact, or any impact at all. Could this be the case with Jordan Shipley? It's painful, but sometimes kids don't work out. No matter how talented and well-perceived they were.  I'm with Eric; I'm wondering if we're ever going to get much out of him.

We won't really know until we get more information on his rehabilitation and see how he recovers, but he certainly missed a big chance with Vince Young behind center. It's looking more and more like an uphill battle. I'll be thrilled if he makes it back and is even 75% of what he was hyped to be. But I won't be holding my breath.

I just now noticed the "Shipley" and "Ship Sailed" pun. It quite literally was not intended. This is why you should always have someone else edit your writing. Which I rarely do. Damnit.