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A Welcome From the New Recruiting Writers

This is an introduction from our new recruiting writers, John Wofford and Josh Austin. They will be providing regular recruiting news and analysis on the site - please welcome them to BON.

It's hard to believe it's been over 2 weeks since UT was crowned the National Champion.  And as expected, we enjoyed our time briefly before getting back to the business of next year.  The debate has gone back and forth, both here and on many other sites.  Will Texas be able to replace Vince and make a respectable run next year?

At BON, we think our `Horns will be just fine, but others are not so sure.  With another great class of recruits coming in this year, we should field another great team and contend for another Big XII championship, if not more.  In the coming weeks we'll introduce you to recruits and dissect how they might fit into the packages the coaches run.  

For now, Texas is ranked at having the 2nd best recruiting class in the country, pending signing day.  5-star players, such as Sergio Kindle, Eddie Jones, Ken Beasley, and J'Marcus Webb lead the class, with 12 4-star recruits committing as well.  Given the need at certain positions, some of these recruits will see immediate playing time.  I'm anxious to see how they adjust from the High School game.  

--Josh and John--