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Baylor 1st Half

The first half is complete up in Waco. The #6 Horns lead Baylor, 35-22. The Bears fought back with three point bombs late in the first half after going more than ten straight minutes without a field goal. The Horns led by 18 points earlier in the half and looked to be headed for another blowout win. The Bears did show signs of life and could keep it close in the second half if their outside shooting stays hot. If not, Texas should cruise to another Big 12 victory.

We have a Daniel Gibson sighting in at Baylor. Gibson has 15 points (5/6 from the field, 3/4 from three), one rebound and two assists. This was a very hot half for DGib. It will be interesting to see if can keep up the solid play in the second.

Lamarcus Aldridge was hobbled by two quick personal fouls and has yet to score.

Post your second half comments here.