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Until recently, I was a Dick Vitale "Heartbreak City" special. My boy Barry Bonds coming oh so Sid Freaking Bream close in 1992. Or within six outs of the title before losing to the Angels in 2002. Or my Steelers making the 1995 Super Bowl only to have Neil O'Donnell throw passes to the wrong team. My Longhorns got close to making the national title game in football, but never got over the hump. Rick Barnes and TJ Ford got me a sniff of the Final Four, but Carmelo was too much for a championship.

The only real titles I'd enjoyed were the Horns baseball championships, and considering my love for collegiate baseball is absolutely miniscule in comparison with my love for MLB, it wasn't the huge prize that I've always wanted.

Well, obviously Vince took care of that for me. I've enjoyed this national championship more than any sports moment of my life. And now my Steelers are right on the brink of a championship too.

After all the heartbreaks I've suffered, I think I was due. The Steelers have a championship look to them and the hoops team is starting to play like the elite team we knew they'd become. Could I lose all my title droughts in one year?

God I hope so...