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Horns Continue to Climb Hoops Rankings

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The week's college hoops rankings are out and things are looking good for the Longhorns.

Coaches Poll 5th
AP Poll 4th
Sagarin 2nd
Massey 2nd
RPI 13th

The only rating where the Horns are lagging is in RPI, though it should be noted that the current ranking does not reflect the past week's games. The Horns will likely move in to the Top 10 this week in RPI and should finish near the top if they continue to play as they have lately.

All in all, because it's a winner take all tournament, the rankings don't matter too much. The Horns are really playing for seeding here, and at this point, it would be an upset if they weren't a #1 or #2 seed. It matters not which one they are, and frankly, the way this team has played when burdened by lofty expectations, I'd rather us enter the tournament a #2 than a #1.