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Prospect Profile: Sergio Kindle

By Josh Austin, Recruiting Writer

The term "Linebacker U" was invented as a nickname for Penn State University.  Webster might need an edit right about now because Texas is making a run at that title.  Texas has seen some great linebackers in its history.  Tommy Nobis, D.D. Lewis, Derrick Johnson, and Aaron Harris all come to mind as all-time great Longhorn linebackers.  We should probably get ready to add a new name to that list, Sergio Kindle.  The much-heralded recruit has signed his letter of intent to become a Texas Longhorn.  

Physically, Kindle is not immediately a stunner.  At 6'4" 225lbs, its his height that impresses more than his weight.  Don't be fooled though, because of the 225lbs, 240 of them are muscle (the math doesn't add up, but trust me).  His most impressive asset is his speed.  He's a consistent 4.5 40 guy and could probably break 4.4 on the right track.  That's one fast linebacker.  At Dallas Wilson he started on defense at LB and just for kicks started on offense at running back.  I don't seem him on offense at all at Texas, strictly because running back is the deepest, most talented position on the team.  However, it would be fun to watch him tote the rock from time to time.  District coaches in Dallas have been quoted saying he looks better at RB than Adrian Peterson did as a senior.

I won't sit here and list high school stats because they are boring and over-inflated.  What I will tell you about is his dominance.  Think LeBron in high school dominance.  Man among boys.  Rivals calls him the best player out of Dallas in over ten years.  He is the consensus top player in Texas and most services have him ranked in the top five players nation wide.

Kindle will make an impact as a freshman.  Most experts agree that he will probably start at OLB from the get-go and only get better as the season progresses.  The most likely scenario for Sergio is a Derrick Johnson-like assignment.  Basically fly all over the field and make plays.  Chizik loves linebackers like him, so expect for him to grow a lot in the Chizik's scheme.  Don't be surprised to see him sack a QB on one play then blanket Ted Ginn in coverage on the next.  His athleticism and speed will give Texas a lot of options with blitzes and coverages.  The one fault that people seem to have with Sergio is his size.  If he were entering the NFL today, he would be projected at safety.  It will be interesting to see what a summer with Mad Dog can do for Kindle.  Don't be surprised to see him start next year at 230 or 235 lbs.  

To sum it all up, Sergio Kindle is a bad, bad man.  I would be willing to bet that he and Jules Winfield carry the same wallet.  

Sergio Kindle and Jules Winfield may be carrying the same wallet.