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Prospect Profile: Jevan Snead

By John Swofford, Recruiting Writer

Following in the footsteps of legendary quarterbacks is hard enough, but to be the leader of a team that just won a National Championship directed by arguably the greatest leader that has ever stepped on a field?  Well, it would probably be easier to find a virgin Tri Delta at Florida State.  

It's time to usher in the next generation of Texas quarterbacks.  Jevan Snead will try to do the unthinkable this year and fill the void that Vince Young left behind.  How do you replace a QB that can break open an 80-yard run, throw a 60-yard deep pass, read defenses and adjust, throw a short route with pinpoint accuracy and be a great leader?  You replace him with a QB that has the exact same attributes.  

Jevan is a rare breed of talent.  He is an extremely gifted passer who can run with the fastest defensive backs.  At 6'3", 205 lbs, he won't impose fear with his size, but with his 4.62 40 time, he will give defenses pause.  This year, our receivers are more experienced, more confident, and more talented than they were last year.  Give them a QB that can get them the ball and they'll be dangerous.  Expect that of Jevan.  He's very accurate and can rifle a ball into tight spots.  Throwing the deep ball was a staple in Greg Davis' offense last year and Jevan definitely has the arm to muscle it downfield.  

It's been widely said that the QB position will be our biggest question mark this year.  But I'm just not seeing it.  Jevan has gone head to head with some of the highest recruits in the country and played better than them, hands down.  In the US Army All-American bowl, he outplayed the #1 and #2 QB recruits in the country.  And this kid has the kind of heart you can only hope for in a player.  In the State championship game last year, Jevan was tackled on the games final drive and grotesquely twisted his ankle.  But that didn't slow him down.  He got up and continued to play.  His team ultimately fell short, but you've got to love a guy that has that strong of a desire to win.

I don't think you'll see as dominant a player as Vince again for a very long time, if ever.  As much as we'd like to replace Vince with Vince, it just won't happen.  What we need is a quarterback that plays within the system and manages the game.  Jevan can be that quarterback.  He is smart, talented, fast, and ready.  Already enrolled in classes at The University of Texas, Jevan is already working with the coaches to compete for the starting job in the fall.