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McNeal vs Young, Act 2

Must we go down this road again? Following Reggie McNeal's recent strong performance in a senior game, former pro scout Dan Shonka offers this bit of prophecy in Kirk Bohl's recent column:

"Write this down," said NFL evaluator Dan Shonka, a former scout with three NFL teams. "Reggie McNeal will be a better pro quarterback than Vince Young. Vince is a good athlete, but he could be a $50 million mistake."

Shonka loves McNeal's arm strength, decision-making and his ability to throw into tight spots, something he's not sure Young can do. Shonka's Web site raved about Kurt Warner when he was stocking groceries, and he begged the Eagles to take a Longhorn rookie named Priest Holmes before recommending him to the Ravens.

Ah, there's nothing quite like revisionism to fuel optimism. If we conveniently ignore the past year, we can revert back to the beginning of this season when we were hearing the same thing from so many pundits. Doubt Young. Pump up McNeal.

Curiously, Shonka is a "former scout" for NFL teams. After reading this, that makes sense.