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Bye, Bye The Amazing VY

Written, produced, and performed by the incomparable 54b

(Think "American Pie" by Don McLean)

Not a long time ago...
We can still remember
How his rap music would make Mack smile.
And he knew if he had the chance
That he could make the Longhorns dance
And the fans would all be happy for a while.

But January 8 made us shiver
With every word the paper did deliver.
Sad news brought to our doorstep;
There'd be no more Texas two-step.

The Pros were next he would decide
We wished like hell that he had lied,
Cuz something hurt us deep inside
The day VY said goodbye.

So bye-bye to the amazing VY.
You took us to the next level,
And put the Horns up on high.
And you'll always have a place amongst the orange and the white,
Sincerely thank you and good luck VY,
Thank you and good luck VY.