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Diary of the Week

Well, TBone Stallone was looking good to wrap up this one with his Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Final Four Preview, but the organic evolution of another diary, which had been a light, harmless thread, has taken over and stolen the spotlight.

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to turn your attention to the Diary Thread. You'll note that the thread starts innocently enough, but quickly morphs into one of the most entertaining comment exchanges in BON history.

Naturally, our young and naive reader Link was the one who got things going by taking offense to Lincoln dropping the 'F' (41-38) bomb on him. But it was Link who went to the Dark Side and dropped the 'O' (Oklahoma) bomb on us. Despite how horrific that was, it was worth it, as it inspired the funniest comment in this blog's history from 54b.

Please take a moment to read this most entertaining exchange.

And thanks to all for contributing.